The people who work at Gibbons give us our heart and soul. They’re part of the Whistler community and have made it their home, even if it’s just for a bit. At Gibbons we realize that we have to invest in our team and our community so that we all thrive.

On this site you’ll find information on the community initiatives we support. If you want to get involved or have any questions for us please contact us.

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  • The Legendary Chairlift Revue is Back and Festive

    The Legendary Chairlift Revue is Back and Festive

    The legendary Chairlift Revue will return for a holiday-inspired edition on Thursday, December 18 and Friday, December 19 at Millennium Place. Chairlift Revues are a long-standing tradition in Whistler, with the first performances starting in the mid-80’s. It's clear why this production has become a Whistler legacy - it's a way for snow-loving folk to celebrate the shared experiences of conversations and encounters that take place on the lifts. For those of you unfamiliar with the Chairlift Revue they are...

  • 10 Best Things to do on a Whistler Ski Holiday

    10 Best Things to do on a Whistler Ski Holiday

    We've been in Whistler since 1979 - that's thrity years of celebrating in the mountains! Here are 10 experiences our staff think make for an awesome time if you're coming to Whistler this winter season...

  • Are You Mountain Safe?

    Are You Mountain Safe?

    These mountains are amazing; a vast playground, vaults of unforgettable memories forged with friends in blankets of magical snow. As much as they can give you however, they can take away. Whistler, and the ski community across the world, lose people every year to untimely accidents involving the very matter that gives us so much joy - snow. The very thing the 16 skiers and snowboarders had sought — fresh, soft snow — instantly became the enemy. Somewhere above, a pristine meadow cracked in the shape of a lightning bolt, slicing a slab nearly 200 feet across and 3 feet deep. Gravity did the rest. Excerpt taken from the New York Times' Snow Fall article by John Branch.

  • Learning to Fall

    Learning to Fall

    I was bungee jumping straight after work and I’d decided the night before that I wanted to be hung over for it. When you’re a little ill it’s like there is a bubble wrap on everything around you - I become more nonchalant about impending acts of adrenaline like jumping off a bridge. But still I was prepared to be scared, this was my first bungee jump and ‘friends’ seemed to enjoy messing with my head.

  • Snowmaking and Climate Change

    Snowmaking and Climate Change

    Climate change has had a significant impact on winter resorts on both a regional and global level. Just look at the altitudinal-dependent natural snow line: it has become more difficult for winter resorts to reliably set scheduled openings, not to mention the challenges of ensuring that there is enough snow coverage all the way to the valley floor. These issues have a significant impact on the people who live in resort towns, on visitors and tourism, and, ultimately, on the bottom line, affecting the resorts’ financial vitality.

  • Whistler Through Instagram – The Realities

    Whistler Through Instagram – The Realities

    On the Tourism Whistler website I’d stare at their backdrop photo. The mountain runs looked like a bowl of vanilla ice cream topped with mint chocolate sauce dripping down the slopes. It looked so tasty. Before coming to Whistler I scrolled Instagram daily on #whistler. The pictures revealed secret spots, action sports and the tourist traps to avoid. It also showed me what my age bracket are up to and where I should get my first drink...

  • 5 Things to do in Whistler on a Budget

    5 Things to do in Whistler on a Budget

    Seasons pass $1999, new skis/board $300+, rent per month $500+, apres fund per week $50+ = Whistler is expensive. Gibbons has been part of the Whistler community for over 30 years and so we thought we’d share a few of the activities that the locals love that won’t break the bank.

  • What tickets to grab ASAP for the Whistler Film Festival

    What tickets to grab ASAP for the Whistler Film Festival

    From December 3rd to 7th, 2014, the Whistler Film Festival (WFF) will celebrate its 14th edition as one of Canada's leading festivals. Featuring innovative and original films from around the world and opportunities to connect with the people who made them, this year’s five day Festival will be filled with a solid lineup of premieres, star-studded guests, lively celebrations and unique industry initiatives.

  • Why We Love Scary Stuff

    Why We Love Scary Stuff

    An attacker comes at you in your own home, instead of going out the front door you choose to run upstairs and secure yourself in a bathroom with a lock that a small child could break. Before you know it a knife (if you're in the city), axe (if you're in the country), or smoke (if you're in a vamp movie) comes through the door. Why do we love watching scary movies? What is it about Halloween that gets our juices going?

  • Puppy Love This Weekend in Whistler

    Puppy Love This Weekend in Whistler

    A black tie event for your pooch? That's what's happening at the Westin Hotel this weekend as they host the 12th K9 Wine and Dine event in support of Whistler Animals Galore (WAG), our local animal shelter.