Gibbons has been part of Whistler since 1979, celebrating with locals and visitors for over thirty-five years. We currently run five of Whistler’s iconic party bars, Gibbons Festivals and Events and the Mountain Club.

At Gibbons we know that when our community thrives, then so do we.

That’s why we created a community pot, which we then use to support sports teams, athletes, musicians, artists, and festivals & events that bring people together to celebrate.

We’ve been heavily invested in Whistler and its development for over 35-years and are team is passionate to see it continue to develop and grow. Follow what we do, who we support and work with on this website.

On this site you’ll find information on the community initiatives we support. If you want to get involved or have any questions for us please contact us.

From all of us at Gibbons, thank you for an incredible 2014!

Latest From The Blog


  • From the Field: BC Cup Downhill Series

    From the Field: BC Cup Downhill Series

    We've launched a new ambassador program at Gibbons where we connect with our staff members to learn about their passion and how we can be part of pushing them forward. For Zenon Murtagh, this is downhill mountain biking. Here's his report from the field as he competes in the elite category for the BC Cup Downhill Series.

  • What is Outerbike?

    What is Outerbike?

    Created to unite bike enthusiasts with an industry insider experience, Ashley Korenblatt of Western Spirit, is the brains and the passion behind Outerbike; a consumer access demo days that originated in Moab and, for the fist time this year, will be in Whistler as well. It is a four day event that offers the general public access to bike and gear manufacturers, allowing them to check out the latest innovations and, more importantly, to try out new bikes. The event also includes lift or shuttle access riding, guided rides, meals, parties, and beer!

  • 7 Traits of Successful Entreprenuers: Women of Whistler Event

    We're proud to be supporting the Women of Whistler event that happens tonight on behalf of the Mountain Club, Tuesday Feb 17, at Nita Lake Lodge at 6pm. The title of this event says a lot not only about the speaker, but also about the Women of Whistler group as a whole. Their purpose is to drive the development of professional women in Whistler. For this to happen it takes some bold ladies to pull it all together...

  • Inquisitive Attitudes With Reuben Krabbe

    I asked pro photographer, Reuben Krabbe, to give me an impression of what a “day in the life” of his world is like. He said he’d have to give me a week or even a month to really get an understanding of what he does. As I look around the walls of the FireRock Lounge, where his canvases now hang, I start to know why. On any given day he might be hunkered down in the snow for that perfect ski shot, waiting for the aurora borealis to appear in the night sky or a raven to spread its wings.

  • 10 Romantic Things to do in Whistler

    10 Romantic Things to do in Whistler

    There's something about mountains that are intrinsically romantic. It could be the alpen glow, the feeling of freedom the slopes bring, or the fact that apres is a big part of the culture. Here are ten things we think bring out the romance in Whistler...

  • When a Backcountry Ski Cut Goes Wrong

    When a Backcountry Ski Cut Goes Wrong

    In an instant, I was heading downhill in a fast-moving stiff slab. I headed off to the right, watching my tips reach solid snow, but then the rushing torrent of snow caught the tails of my skis. I was turned 360 degrees up in the air. In the midst of this all, I felt my left femur spiral and facture. I was like a dry stick compared to the force being generated by the fast moving avalanche.

  • How to do Aussie Day in Whistler

    How to do Aussie Day in Whistler

    It's that time of year again where you'll hear chants of "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!" echoing down the Village Stroll. Australia Day falls on Monday this year, but our predictions are that the mayhem will likely start on the Sunday - given the time difference it's definitely a 2-day party. Here's a guide to having an epic Aussie Day in Whistler...

  • Where to Party for MLK in Whistler

    Where to Party for MLK in Whistler

    Starting this Thursday (Jan 15) Whistler will start to see an invasion from the south as US college goers descend on our mountain resort. It's time to ski hard, apres hard, and party hard! Here's what's happening around Whistler and some fun survival tips to get you through...

  • Our Year in Review

    Our Year in Review

    Our social media team scoured the Gibbons photo and video banks picking out some of the key events from 2014 and placed them in one epic slideshow.