Gibbons has been part of Whistler since 1979, celebrating with locals and visitors for over thirty years. We currently own five of Whistler’s iconic party bars, manage The Mountain Club and Tyax Wilderness Lodge, as well as running Gibbons Festivals and Events.

At Gibbons we know that when our community thrives, then so do we.

That’s why we created a community pot, which we then use to support sports teams, athletes, musicians, artists, and festivals & events that bring people together to celebrate.

We’ve been heavily invested in Whistler and its development for over 30-years and are team is passionate to see it continue to develop and grow. Follow what we do, who we support and work with on this website.

On this site you’ll find information on the community initiatives we support. If you want to get involved or have any questions for us please contact us.

From all of us at Gibbons, thank you for an incredible 2014!

Latest From The Blog


  • Follow the Girls: WSSF – Day 9

    Follow the Girls: WSSF – Day 9

    The WSSF Intersection event was absolutely incredible last night! The shows were mind blowing. I was absolutely blown away by the skiing and riding, and above all the artistic skill of putting it together into such impressive films. Huge congrats to the Legs of Steel crew for taking home the win. Their submition was a high action segment that will become part of a full length film that they have been putting together for the last two years. Needless to say, pretty excited to see it when it comes out!

  • Follow the Girls: WSSF – Day 8

    Follow the Girls: WSSF – Day 8

    I’ve woken up this morning still enchanted from the Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown last night. It was the most beautiful display of art I’ve ever seen, for the enitre show I had the biggest grin on my face. Not only were the photos created in wonderful landscapes all over the world, they captured stories and brought to life the spirit of the mountains. These were not just pictures of skiers or bikers, they were animated and alive with colour and motion.

  • Follow the Girls: WSSF – Day 7

    Follow the Girls: WSSF – Day 7

    Skiing should be pretty on form again today, there aren’t a lot of days left up on Blackcomb Mountain so make sure you get up there while you can! Whistler Park has been built at the new location on the t-bar and it is awesome, with fast laps and lots of hits you can bounce over a lot of jumps in a row which is super fun. They’ve put in 27 features now with nice progression from small to large hits. Any girls out there still wanting to try out the park, we will be up there on Sunday for our shred day this week!

  • Follow the Girls: WSSF – Day 6

    Follow the Girls: WSSF – Day 6

    Well it’s official; yesterday was the best day on the hill ever!! Thanks to all the crazy birds that came out for the Pelican Party rocking some killer fancy dress. This is what the festival is all about for us, celebrating our love for the mountains just for the sake of it! The snow was amazing and it’s promising to be another cracker of a day out there…

  • Follow the Girls: WSSF – Day 5

    Follow the Girls: WSSF – Day 5

    Well the good times just keep rolling in, with 13cm of new snow in the last 24 hours and alpine temps keeping low it means that today might just be one of the best days to get up there. When the weather is this glorious you can’t help but be happy and get outside and enjoy it. Check out the latest highlight video from all the action over the first weekend of festivities…

  • Follow the Girls: WSSF – Day 1

    Follow the Girls: WSSF – Day 1

    Winter is non-stop; so many skiing and snowboarding, events and parties. The World Ski and Snowboard Festival (WSSF) is an end of season celebration for all this, with the pros competing for the world title and the bars putting on the biggest nights of the year. For 2015 I wanted to offer unique perspectives from the locals, and also represent female participation in the festival this year - for the first time women will compete in the Gibbons Big Air!

  • Have we lost our sense of connection?

    Have we lost our sense of connection?

    During the summer of 2014 Eric Beckstead and Alex Bergeron set out on a journey to find and document individuals that have a deep connection with themselves, others and the world we live in. They created a video magazine called "Speaking a Lost Language", which premiers on Thursday March 26 at the Lululemon ForeLise store with the official afterparty at Garfinkel's . I caught up with Beckstead to learn more about the project and the "Free Collective" - the people he's brought together to continue to create these videos.

  • Will it snow in Whistler this March?

    Will it snow in Whistler this March?

    Will it snow in Whistler this March? Is there a chance that old man winter might come back to the mountains rather than taking an extended hiatus on the East Coast? There is a good chance that we could see some precipitation beginning this weekend but, as of now, the strengthening of the dreaded persistent high pressure to the south and east follows it. It goes without saying that a little snow would certainly help the alpine conditions...